Fire Line Officers

Deputy Fire Chief - Deputy 12
John McPartland

Deputy Fire Chief - Deputy 6
Kevin Semonelle

Assistant Chief (Training)
Robert Pressler

Assistant Chief (Equipment)
Matthew Lund

Assistant Chief (Staffing)
Joe Shanahan

Asst. Chief of Engineering
Cody Lockwood

Assistant Chief of Career Services
Dennis Godek

Safety Officer
Al Huelsenbeck

Safety Officer
Andrew McPartland

Captain (Career)
Brandon Speakman

Captain (Career)
Shane Truitt

Captain (Engine)
Michael Pressler

Captain (Tower)
Anthony Dell'Aquila

Captain (Ladder/Rescue)
Anthony Lepone

Lieutenant (Career)
Anthony M. Consalo

Lieutenant (Career)
Joshua Hawk

Lieutenant (Career)
Ray Lyons

Lieutenant (Engine)
Mark Savino Jr.

Lieutenant (Tower)
Marc Comella

Lieutenant (Ladder/Rescue)
Tyler Heicklen

Ryan Cheski

Assistant Engineer
Keith Spicer

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