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Christiana Fire Company is located in New Castle County, Delaware and covers 36 square miles of residential and commercial property. We are a combination company with full time and part time employees who work hand in hand with our volunteers to serve the area.

Christiana responded to nearly 15,000 fire, EMS, and rescue incidents in 2020. The company accepts inexperienced and experienced fire service members from all over.

Classification of Membership

New members joining CFC will be placed into one of three categories:

  • Experienced- Experienced members are joining from other fire companies and have the appropriate training to justify reciprocity for CFC and will be able to adjust to CFC’s operations.
  • Experienced, needs training- If the person does have previous fire training, but may not have much hands on experience, a slower approach may be necessary. In this case, we will need to check their training records and assess how well they will adjust to CFC’s operations.
  • Brand New- No previous fire training. This person will be directed to attend the Delaware State Fire School Fire Academy at the New Castle Division. If their schedule does not permit, then they may take DSFS in the traditional manner.

Process of Joining CFC

CFC accepts membership applications at all times and processes them as necessary. The current requirements in the application ask for the:

  • Three (3) observational ride alongs before submitting an application (mandatory)*
  • Application
  • Federal Background Check
  • Resident State Driving Record
  • Previous Training Records (if applicable)

*Ride alongs are observational only and must be scheduled in advance. Ride alongs are only scheduled between 9am-9pm Monday to Friday. Ride alongs may not stay over night. 


Once an application has been received, the prospect is notified to complete all necessary documentation for consideration. Interviews are held the first Tuesday of the month in which members are being brought into the company. For example, the first Tuesday would be the interview date and the third Tuesday would be the joining date.

Completion of Membership Process

Once all of the members have joined, they will be placed in an observational role which they are permitted to ride potentially to just observe. Once gear has been issued by the quartermaster, the new experienced members may be trained for the ladderman and lay out positions. A new member shall not be permitted to wear an air pack as to maintain the integrity of this program.

Over the next few weeks, the intended goals of the new members are as follows:

  • Experienced: Receive gear and be trained to ride ladderman and lay out position
  • Experienced, needs training: Receive training expectations from the program manager whether it includes in house or DSFS training. This will be different depending on the person
  • Brand New: Reviews DSFS classes and enrolls in necessary class. Will be orientated on equipment by newer members.

All new members will be expected to take part in cleaning, maintenance, and house work as necessary. The intent is to instill pride and dedication in the new members so CFC becomes part of who they are.

Christiana Fire Recruit School

Recruit School will take place in the following months after new members join. This course is designed to catch experienced fire members up to speed in the operations of CFC. Recruit school is a weekend long comprised of a Friday evening (6pm-10pm), Saturday, and Sunday (8am-5pm).


At the completion of the recruit school and with approval of the proctoring officers, select members will be authorized to become SCBA qualified.

Growth at CFC

Members who have been SCBA qualified through recruit school will be issued a blank black front for their helmet. This signifies a firefighter in training and the member must "earn their numbers" before representing Christiana fully. This process usually takes 6-18 months.

CFC leadership tracks the growth of members through this program. The dedication of the person is what makes the person efficient in the roles at CFC. The goal of the program is to build confident and well trained individuals while instilling company pride.

To schedule an opportunity to ride along with us, please email us at: [email protected]

By scheduling a ride along you will be starting the first steps of the application process.



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