Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer Recruitment

About Us

Christiana Fire Company is located in New Castle County, Delaware and covers 36 square miles of residential and commercial property. We are a combination company with full time and part time employees who work hand in hand with our volunteers to serve the area. Christiana responded to over 16,600 fire, EMS, and rescue incidents in 2022.

Interested in Applying for Volunteer Membership?

  • There is no previous fire service experience necessary to join CFC
  • We accept applications for firefighting operations and administrative duties
  • Training will be provided at no cost to you!
  • Individuals with previous fire service experience are also encouraged to apply as your training will be evaluated for reciprocity 

Process of Joining CFC

CFC accepts membership applications at all times and processes them as necessary. The current requirements in the application ask for the following:

  • Three (3) observational ride alongs before submitting an application (mandatory)*
  • Completed application with the completion of a background check
  • Previous Training Records (if applicable)

*Ride alongs are observational only and must be scheduled in advance. Ride alongs are only scheduled between 9am-9pm. Ride alongs may not stay overnight. 

Once an application has been received, the prospect is notified to complete all necessary documentation for consideration.

Completion of Membership Process

Once you have been voted in as a member of CFC, the next steps of your progression will be determined. You will be directed to one of the following:

  • Firefighter Training and Orientation (FTO): This in-house training takes place over one weekend. This training is typically for members who have previous fire service training and experience.
  • Delaware State Fire School (DSFS): DSFS offers a multitude of courses in firefighting which train a brand new firefighter skills and techniques to become successful in the fire service. This training is paid for by CFC and the leadership will ensure you are adequately prepared for the courses.

All new members will be expected to take part in cleaning, maintenance, and house work as necessary. 

Christiana Firefighter Training and Orientation (FTO)

The dates of FTO will be communicated to members at least one month in advance of the training taking place. FTO is a training program which teaches operations, techniques, and any other pertinent skills to the member which will be utilized while operating with CFC.

At the completion of FTO, members will be advised the positions which they are qualified to operate.

Growth at CFC

Members who have been SCBA qualified through the FTO program will be issued a blank black front for their helmet. This signifies a firefighter in training and the member must "earn their numbers" before representing Christiana fully. This process usually takes 6-18 months. Once numbers have been issued to a member, they have officially completed their FTO.

CFC leadership tracks the growth of members through this program. The dedication of the person is what makes the person efficient in the roles at CFC. The goal of the program is to build confident and well-trained individuals while instilling company pride.

To schedule an opportunity to ride along with us, please email us at: [email protected]

By scheduling a ride along you will be starting the first steps of the application process.

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