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2022 Elected Leadership

Christiana Fire Company had its annual elections Tuesday December 21st..

The following are the 2022 leaders:

President- Brian Reeder

Vice President- Keith Simpkins

Treasure- Lorraine Divirgilis

Secretary- Rob McFarland



Matt Netsch

Hank Smith

Keith Spicer

Anthony Dell'Aquila

Drew McPartland

Al Huelsenbeck

Mark Savino

Anthony LePone

Mike Pressler


Chief - Kevin Cowperthwait

Deputy Chief - John McPartland

Deputy Chief- Kevin Semonelle

Asst Chief - Robert Pressler

Asst Chief - Matt Lund

Asst Chief - Joe Shanahan

Safety Officer - Al Huelsenbeck

Safety Officer - Drew McPartland

Captain - Mike Pressler

Captain - Anthony Dell'Aquila

Captain - Anthony Lepone

Lieutenant - Mark Savino

Lieutenant - Ryan Cheski

Lieutenant - Marc Comella

Lieutenant - Tyler Heicklen

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