Career Promotions

Saturday, January 28, 2023




The Christiana Fire Company is pleased to announce two career promotions. Assistant Chief of Career Services Brandon Speakman and Lieutenant Matt Read were officially promoted during a ceremony at Station 12 this afternoon, surrounded by family and colleagues. The promotional process for both positions began after the retirement of Assistant Chief of Career Services Dennis Godek.

We believe the best decision for the company and those we serve was to promote within the current career ranks. This company has developed a career and volunteer system that we have found to be very successful, and is a good example for other organizations. Promoting within our current career ranks also allowed us to welcome our newest career Firefighter/EMT Jason Boc, who started as a part time EMT with our company prior to being hired in a full time capacity. Like most of our career staff Jason is a volunteer with his home company, the Dover Fire Department, and serves as a chief officer. Christiana is fortunate to have a contingent of great volunteers, career Firefighter/EMT’s, career EMT’s and part time EMT’s. #ChristianaFire

AC Brandon Speakman-

Lt. Matt Read-