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First Due Trench Rescue
Friday, January 25, 2019

This morning, the Christiana Fire Company was alerted for a trench rescue in the area of 234 Old Baltimore Pike. The incident was initially dispatched as a fallen person but was quickly upgraded to a trench rescue assignment, bringing the county technical rescue team. Tower 12, Rescue Engine 12, Ambulances A12 and B12, Deputy 12 and Deputy 6 responded. Tower 12 arrived first and reported a worker with a leg injury, who fell into a trench becoming pinned by a large block of asphalt. Deputy 6 arrived shortly thereafter and assumed the “Christiana Command”. The assignment brought crews from the following agencies, as well as rescue technicians from a variety of other agencies: Claymont Fire Company, Brandywine Hundred Fire Company No.1, Cranston Heights Fire Company, Delaware City Volunteer Fire Company, New Castle County Paramedics, Delaware State Police Delaware State Police Aviation Section. Companies worked seamlessly together to effectively shore the trench, provide BLS and ALS level patient care, utilize a rope system to safely remove the block of asphalt, package the patient into a stokes basket and remove him from the trench. Delaware State Police’s aviation unit was requested to be utilized by ground ALS early in the rescue process. DSP Trooper 4 responded, landed and assisted with patient care on scene during the rescue operations. Eventually, the patient was loaded into Trooper 4 and transported to the Christiana Care Hospital’s Emergency Department. The Christiana Fire Company would like to thank all of those who assisted on scene. It was made evident today that companies who work as one for a common goal will accomplish their goal, and will provide the best possible service to those who need it. #ChristianaFire #ClaymontFire #CranstonHeightsFire #BrandywineHundredFire #DelawareCityFire #NCCEMS #NCCTechnicalRescue #Teamwork

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